Can you play online poker in Poland?

What do Polish rules say about playing poker online? How can you check in this country with us in this great card game popular around the world?


Online poker in Poland

Nobody should have the slightest doubt that online poker in Poland is something that many Polish players are looking forward to. Unfortunately, at the moment the law is very strict in this matter - online card games for money are simply not allowed! But, of course, here you can also talk about some exceptions that certainly will interest many people.
Online poker game in Poland, if we are talking about such for real money (and this is so traditional!), It can be divided into two types. One of them is rivalry with the other, and the other - the fight with the dealer.
Playing against others is something that can be found on sites like PokerStars Polska. Tournaments, tables at various rates, free satellites - all this can only be seen on such portals.

Legal poker in Poland - how to play?

Unfortunately, you probably won't play poker with others online for a long time yet. However, there are exceptions in the form of legal alternatives that are gaining popularity day by day. STS Poker is a great example.
The legal STS bookmaker offers its customers virtual tables at which you can check in the game with croupiers. The player's task is to bet on which one will win.

Is poker always illegal?

If we play poker online on illegal sites, we will be exposed to high fines. It is worth adding that nowhere in the regulations we have not said that the amount of the fine depends on the money we earn on the Internet!
Of course, a fine is not enough. One may think that paying PLN 30,000 with a win of several million is nothing. It is worth emphasizing, however, that Polish countries also impose an additional tax on all illegally acquired funds. And then the potential for poker profits doesn't get that impressive.
It is not known when the legislator and whether he intends to introduce changes in the field of online poker in Poland at all. For now, we can only play in online betting, which are legal in Poland.